Feb 23, 2018

Via strong partnership with Pharos, HCmed approved by BPOM (Indonesia FDA) to deliver great nebulization in Indonesia.

Teaming up with a major pharmaceutical company Pharos and via its direct channel pharmacy Century, HCmed (HCmed Innovations) certificated by BPOM (Indonesia FDA) introduces innovative mesh nebulizer DeeproTM to Indonesia, a tailored platform in delivering deeper and effective aerosol therapy to lungs for Asthma, COPD and cystic fibrosis patients. Indonesia is the 4th most populous country with 261 million population[1]. As for its respiratory disease burden, according to WHO (World health organization), compared to world country profiles by disease group, Indonesian COPD and asthma burdens (countries rate DALYs/1000 capita) rank the first and seventh[2] within its country, causing a massive burden to its healthcare system.

Since its inception in 2014, DeeproTM from HCmed has been designed to ease effectively respiratory disease burden and has been certificated rapidly by many official authorities around the globe. After certificated by, TFDA and TÜV SÜD (CE mark), DeeproTM mesh nebulizer has once more gained Indonesia official medical device certification BPOM. Licensed with BPOM via Pharos, HCmed will launch its innovative mesh nebulizer DeeproTM to provide great, safe and effective delivery for inhalation drugs to meet the unmet need. From concept development, engineering design, manufacturing, product quality control to supply chain, HCmed continuously improves DeeproTM quality of every component details to insure its perfection.

When HCmed was searching for a partner with the scale and ambition to bring DeerpoTM to the next level and bring it to Indonesia, Pharos’s experience in key areas including certification acquirement, and direct channel pharmacy Century proved to be a great match. Pharos Indonesia is a major regional pharmaceutical company and with its subsidiaries employ more than 5,000 talent people to develop and market innovative products in Indonesia and other countries in South-East Asia. In terms of high quality standard, just as HCmed perseveres to great product quality and supreme human usability design, so Pharos insists no compromises to manufacturing standards. Ahead of its time, On June 30, 1990 Pharos became the first Indonesian company to receive certification of the local version of GMP (CPOB)[3].

Most importantly, pursuing safety and innovation are the shared values within the close partnership, with HCmed being responsible for designing highly mobile and consistent aerosol platform for inhalation drugs from pharmaceutical companies, including Pharos. On the other cheap patek philippe hand, the easy clean, quiet therapy, and mobility-focused designs of DeeproTM from HCmed, are fully supported by Pharos’s market entry strategies and will largely improve patients’ compliance and QoL (quality of life) to relive respiratory disease burden in Indonesia.
[1] World Population Prospects: The 2017 Revision
[2] Country profiles of Environmental Burden of Disease: Indonesia, WHO